Chem AS Engineering Ltd. is a Bulgarian authorized exclusive distributor of:
Kinesis, United Kingdom, part of Cole Parmer since 2017,  wis a global manufacturer and distributor of lab equipment, spares and consumables for chromatography, sample handling, sample storage, medical chemistry and etc. Globalization of Kinesis has undeniable advantage to work directly with leading manufacturers and enables them to offer very competitive pricing while ensuring that you, the customer, never have to compromise on quality.

Founded in 1998, RIGOL Technologies Inc is an ISO9001
Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certified company, an emerging T&M leader and a technology innovator in Chemical Analysis and Electronic Measurement. RIGOL's premium line of products includes HPLC and UV-Vis  Spectrophotometers, and General Purpose, RF Communication Electronic Instruments, which help the engineers, researchers, educators to address their measurement challenges in confidence with better affordability than ever before.
RIGOL is headquartered in Beijing, China, with the branch offices in Cleveland, OH, United States and Munich, Germany. The company's 400 employees and more than 150 distributors or representatives offer products and services in over 60 countries/regions on six continents.
Cordouan Technologies, France, which is manufacturer
of apparatus with innovative solutions for the characterization of nanoparticles and nanomaterials and also broad range of equipment  for Granulometry, Refractometry, Electrophoresis, Electronic Microscopy and sample preparation accessories. Their key customers are the most prestigious industrials and research laboratories like Total, Rhodia, L'Oreal, ENS Paris and Lyon, CRPP, ENSPCI, STMicro-electronic, INRS, Dow Chemical, ARABLAB, Université of Waterloo, etc.

Chem AS Engineering Ltd. is an authorised distributor of:
DataApex, a privately held company
established in 1991, is a developer and manufacturer of chromatography software. The company is based in Prague, Czech Republic.
DataApex is constantly striving to provide users with efficient and up-to-date tools for chromatography data processing. The current product line called Clarity® is already a third generation of chromatography stations. It builds on the connection of expertise gained over the years on the market and flexibility in adopting the most recent trends in the chromatography industry.
Continually increasing sales prove that the emphasis on intuitive design, top quality standards and strong commitment to provide high quality technical support meet the requirements of fast growing group of satisfied customers.
DataApex products are now sold to more than 100 countries around the world. 13 chromatography instruments manufacturers resell privately labeled versions of DataApex software.
DataApex holds ISO9001 certification, an authoritative international standard for quality control. The certificate covers development, production, order processing and support procedures and it confirms that DataApex is strongly committed to providing high quality products and services to its customers.

VUV ANALYTICS, is an American company, the first a worldwide manufacturer with patented innovative and universal UV detector for gas chromatography. The uniqueness of the detector is expressed in its ability to scan in the vacuum UV wavelength range, i. e. of 120 nm, unlike conventional devices that are limited to 190 nm. This detector specificity also determines the name of the company VUV – vacuum ultraviolet. The VUV detector is specific to the chemical structure of molecule and more of the compounds are distinguished into detector. Conventional chromatography relies on the separation of substances before reaching the detector, i. e. the separation depends on the choice of chromatographic conditions - chromatographic column, flow rate, temperature, etc., which complicates and prolongs the analysis, whereas with VUV analysis becomes quite easy and fast, due to its ability to deconvolute overlapped spectral responses.

VUV product range: VGA-100 detector, VGA-101 detector, SVGA-100 analyzer

VUV ASTM: ASTM D8071-17, Standard Method for Determination of Types of Carbon Derivatives and Selected Carbon and Oxygenated Compounds in Spark Fuel Motor Vehicles using Vacuum UV Glucose Gas (GC-VUV) Gas Chromatography, ASTM International, PA , 2017,

Since 1992, Skyray Instrument Inc has taken its foothold in independent scientific innovation to develop a high-tech, high precision analytical equipment and instrumentation globally. For the past 20 years, Skyray Instrument has not once stopped innovating and exploring the depths of the analytical industry. Skyray Instrument has made major breakthroughs in X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry(XRF), Gas Chromatography(GC), Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry(ICP), Mass Spectrometry(MS), and many others.

RAYPA, is a Spanish Company dedicated to manufacture of Instrumentation and Equipment for Laboratory from 1970. The company’s portfolio includes sterilization autoclaves, thermostatic baths, digesters, distillers and extraction systems, cooling and freezing systems, water analysis instruments, stirrers, incubators, viscometers and etc. All Raypa’s products are with high quality and have CE mark.