of Chem AS Engineering Ltd
The management, in the person of the Manager, formally declares its QUALITY POLICY, which is announced, understood, applied and maintained by everyone in the company.
As a company striving to be a preferred partner in the supply of services related to the trading of chromatographic and laboratory equipment, spare parts for them, service activities and development of methodologies for analytical applications, Chem AS Engineering Ltd. has developed, documented, implemented, maintained and continuously improves the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.
Our quality policy is aimed at:
• Satisfying the Clients' requirements by offering quality products and services, honesty, transparency, optimal prices and terms for delivery and execution of commitments.
• Continuous contact with the clients in order to constantly inform about their needs, to what extent they are satisfied with our products and services and have recommendations for us to improve the quality of the services received.
• Increase the number of our regular customers.
• Accept only orders that can be fulfilled with high competence and proficiency.
• Detecting and removing errors and sources to avoid unintended impact to the end product or service provided to the Customer.
• Ensure an appropriate working environment that meets the relevant regulatory requirements.
• Provide an appropriately selected and highly qualified staff, convinced of the need to maintain and improve the Quality System, aiming to continuously improve the quality of its work, using the optimal resources available.
• Continuous enhance qualification of staff with training, courses, seminars and getting self-informed.
• Continuous explore information on innovations and advances in known technologies, on completely new technological developments of apparatus and products related to chemical or physico-chemical analysis of substances.
• Expand product portfolio and search for new partnerships with Suppliers.
• Maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with its Partners and Providers.
• Positive financial results and increased reinvested earnings.
• Ensuring the necessary resources to maintain and continually improve and making more sophisticated the embedded Quality System.
As Managing Director of "Chem AS Engineering" Ltd. I declare my personal responsibility and commitment to implement the announced QUALITY POLICY.