Liquid chromatography (LC)

Vials, caps&closures, septas, inserts and accessories

Vials, caps&closures, septas, inserts and accessories

“Chem AS Engineering” Ltd. offers vials, caps and closures for HPLC, LC/MS and GC analysis which are designed to ensure contamination-free sample handling and trouble-free autosampler operation. The vials are made from 1st hydrolytic class 51 expansion glass. The vast range of vials includes micro and fused inserts, standard 2ml autosampler and larger sample storage, headspace and EPA vials.
  • EPA Vials & Caps
  • HPLC & GC Autosampler Vials
  • HPLC & GC Caps
  • Inserts
  • Kit packs with vial, assembled cap and septa
  • Sample Storage & Collection
  • Tools & Accessories
Kinesis KX Microwave Vials Catalogue 2 Mb (pdf) download
Kinesis KX Vials Caps Catalogue 47 Kb (pdf) download

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